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Schake Family Genealogy

My mother is a Schake, daughter of Walter and Birdelle (Porter) Schake. Walter and Birdelle lived in Waterloo, Iowa for most of their lives (both are deceased). They had seven children: Warren (deceased), Marlyn, James (died at age 14 in a car accident), Ardyce (my mom - deceased), Darla (deceased), Derryl (deceased), and Dale.

Grandpa Schake (Walter) was from a big family (I think my mom said he was one of 12 kids - I'll confirm all of this as I get it down) and grew up Minnesota.

If you have questions about "my Schake family", or would like to submit information regarding the Schake family, please e-mail me: kevin@subra-family.com.

Info (most submitted by other wonderful people - Thanks!):
Here are links as I've received them. Thanks to all who eagerly share their info, and who seek to collaborate our information. I'll do my best to keep your submissions current!

The Schakes of La Charette - a history of the Schake family from Humfeld, Lippe (Germany), by Lowell Schake.

Schake Web Search - this is what you get when you attempt to access Schake.com. A waste of a good domain name, but at least it's a quick way to do Schake web searches...

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